Catch Up With The Locals On BBC's Dorset Bunch!


Fashion, fish, farming and football - and all before lunch. I've recently taken over as the presenter of the Big Dorset Brunch programme on BBC Radio Solent and already every week I'm amazed by the fabulous range of fascinating stories we get on the show.

And I've worked as a journalist for over 14 years so that really is saying something.

We broadcast live from the BBC's charming Dorchester studio (the TARDIS-like kitchen-in-a-cupboard really does have to be seen to be believed) on a Saturday morning. We're on air from 8am-11am on 103.8FM and the programme is only available here in the beautiful 'Hardy country' parts of Dorset.
There's also a highlights podcast which goes up online and on iTunes a couple of hours after the show ends. It's wonderfully popular - When I started asking podcast listeners to get in touch I received emails from as far afield as Connecticut, Ottawa and Istanbul, all from Dorset expats who still like to hear local news from home.
I live in Swanage with my partner Reece and our little son Harrison. I'd like to tell you that he is soothed by the sound of his mummy's voice on the radio but frankly most of the time he's far too busy trying to eat daddy's mobile to notice.
Anyway please turn on, tune in, download - and get in touch whenever there's something you'd like us to cover. Zoe Kleinman, BBC Dorset Brunch.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking on the link on the Purbeck Gazette's homepage

You can email or just come up and say hello if you spot me pottering around in Purbeck. I promise not to let the baby have a chew on your phone.

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